Our Services

The Consortium is a group of professional business mentors that provides business support services, like mentoring, workshops, training, consulting, grants and access to finance, that are all focussed on business growth.

How you can benefit from support from The Consortium.

Each member of The Consortium has personal experience in starting-up, operating and growing a business. This means that whatever your objectives are, we will have either personally shared the same goals, or have helped clients with similar goals. We’re strategic in our approach, and we bring tactical ideas to the table. Think of us as your critical business friends, here to guide and support you.

We always undertake a free, no-obligation, scoping meeting with you to ascertain your exact requirements.

Top Ten Questions to Find the Right Mentor

  1. Has the mentor ever owned/managed their own business?
  2. Is the mentor well connected/networked?
  3. Is the mentor aware of the latest business grants/loans and finance initiatives?
  4. Will the mentor hold you accountable for the actions that he/she suggests?
  5. Does the mentor have a proven track record of success? (E.g. with client case studies)
  6. How accessible is your mentor? (E.g. face-to-face, Skype, telephone, email?)
  7. Will the mentor set realistic and ambitious goals for you?
  8. Does the mentor share your vision – for both your business and its industry?
  9. How ‘innovative’ is the mentor?
  10. Does the mentor have access to co-mentors with specialist and complementary skill sets?
How you can benefit from workshops and training delivered by The Consortium
Whether you represent a private business or a public body, workshops from The Consortium are recognised as valuable tools that provides specific and measurable outcomes.

Never generic, our workshops are tailored to requirements and budgets. Delivered in person or by webinar, either as a one-off or part of a larger programme, our workshops have a reputation for excellence.

Workshop topics include:

  • Company Growth
    • Domestic
    • International
  • Marketing
    • Public relations
    • Branding
    • Market research
    • Social media
    • Digital marketing
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Intellectual Property
  • Product Development
Our specialisms will meet your needs

The Consortium members have hands-on experience in marketing, sales, public relations, manufacturing, engineering, new product innovation and development, IP, project management, developing domestic and international marketplaces, access to finance and branding.

Our undertaking

We promise to listen to you……we will understand your objectives, your budget and timescales and we will deliver a business support programme that is designed exclusively for you. What’s more, we’ll be with you on your journey, to help you and your business meet your aims and aspirations.